Secret Life of a Mother @ The Theatre Centre, Oct 20-Nov 11, 2018

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Created by Hannah Moscovitch, Maev Beaty, and Ann-Marie Kerr
Co-produced by The SLOM Collective and The Theatre Centre
October 20 – November 11, 2018 @ The Theatre Centre

In 2013, long-time friends, Hannah Moscovitch (Bunny / Stratford Festival) and Maev Beaty (Mouthpiece / feature film), began work on a project about motherhood. What started as an exploration of mothers took a very personal turn when both women became mothers themselves. Suddenly, they were experiencing what they were writing about; an investigation became a confessional.

Written by one of Canada’s most prolific and popular playwrights, Secret Life of a Mother, developed in Residency at The Theatre Centre, is an exposé of modern motherhood and Hannah Moscovitch’s most personal writing to date. One of her oldest friends, the multiple Dora Award-winning actor Maev Beaty, tells this story, and through it her own motherhood secrets start to surface.

“This project represents a huge shift in the way I work. I don’t create works that are confessional: my tendency has been the opposite. I like to write research heavy projects, anti-autobiographical ones. Now with Secret Life of a Mother I’ve co-created a piece with a character who is me.” – Hannah Moscovitch

This isn’t the sexist, vaseline-lensed, pop-culture myth that insists all women will love and cherish motherhood. This isn’t mothers as the butts of jokes, or the villains, or the perfect angels of the home. Secret Life of a Mother reveals what two women are actually experiencing: the raw and transcendent and untold secrets of pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth, and mothering. This is motherhood for the 21st century: hallucinatory, gothic, and empowered.

Hannah and Maev were joined early on in the creation process by Ann-Marie Kerr (hot off the Edinburgh smash hit Daughter) as a core creator and Director. Joining the production is an all-star design team including Siminovitch Prize-nominee Camellia Koo (Scenic Design), and Dora Award-winner Debashis Sinha (Sound Design).

By Hannah Moscovitch with Maev Beaty and Ann-Marie Kerr

Developed in Residency at The Theatre Centre
Co-produced by The SLOM Collective and The Theatre Centre

Core Creator and Director: Ann-Marie Kerr
Core Creator and Playwright: Hannah Moscovitch
Core Creator and Actor: Maev Beaty
Core Creator, Producer, and Stage Manager: Marinda de Beer
Scenic Designer: Camellia Koo
Lighting Designer: Leigh Ann Vardy
Assistant Lighting Designer: Kaileigh Krysztofiak
Projection: Cameron Davis
Sound Designer: Debashis Sinha
Costume Designer: Erika Connor

The Theatre Centre, Franco Boni Theatre, 1115 Queen Street West
October 20 – November 11, 2018
Opening Night: Thursday, October 25, 2018 @ 8pm
Tuesday – Saturday @ 8pm, Sunday @ 2pm

Ticket Prices:
$17 Previews (October 20–24)
$20 First Week (October 25–28)
$22 Student/senior/arts worker (October 30–November11)
$30 Regular (October 30–November 11)
(service charges may apply)
To purchase online visit or call 416.538.0988


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