Full given name: Karen Robinson

 Hometown: Toronto

 Special skills: Doing nothing. Or charming (read: bullying) my way into my neighbours’ gardens.

 First play you ever saw: Pick a scene, any scene, any day, growing up in Kingston, Jamaica.

 If you weren’t an actor, you’d be: Useless.

 Worst costume: I’m not falling into that trap, thank you very much.

 Best/Worst on stage mishap: Wow. I don’t have one worth telling. If there is a tale-worthy event, it’s filed away in the junk drawer of my mind.

 Most played song on your iPod: How old is this questionnaire? Do people still do that?

 Last great book you read: Brother by David Chariandy

Performer you would drop everything to see: Stevie. Patti. Aretha.

Preferred pre-show meal: Cheetos. But I don’t recommend it.

Favourite cereal: Cornmeal porridge. (Can I hear an amen, my Jamaican people???)

Who would play you in the movie of your life: Nobody needs to know that much about me.

Worst job you ever had: Day care worker. I lasted 2 days. One of the kids threatened to kill me.

Gig you most enjoyed: This one. As much as any other. Because there are always moments of struggle, spells of joy, and reminders of how much I have yet to learn.

Artist you want to collaborate with: Too many to list. The ones who welcome an easily accessible snack table.

Dogs or cats? Puppies!!! But I recently witnessed kitties being born, and it kind of broke me.

Dream vacation: Anywhere with my boyfriend, really.

Do you prefer performing in front of a camera or live on stage? Oh honey, I’m an actor. I prefer having a job.

What’s your favourite Ronnie moment from Schitt’s Creek? Any one with Catherine O’Hara.

If you could swap roles with anyone else on Schitt’s Creek, who would it be? Catherine O’Hara. But only so I could watch Moira be Ronnie.

Karen can be seen on stage right now through February 18 at Factory Theatre in the world premiere of Kat Sandler’s BANG BANG. The Dora Award winning actress can also been seen as a series regular on the CBC TV hit, Schitt’s Creek.

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