Path to Good Karma: Reach out to your fellow men, women and four-legged friends

By The FLIPsters

During the holiday season we encourage you to reach out to one of these incredible organizations aiming to help our four-legged friends and our human friends, both close to home and on the other side of the planet.

Photo by Sharon DiGenova

Holly’s Hope For Animals in Need
FLIP’s head of security, Skrappy, came to us via Sharon DiGenova, founder of  Holly’s Hope For Animals in Need, and Toronto Animal Services (we can’t thank you enough!).  You can find Skrappy in Holly’s Hope 2018 Calendar, RESCUED Portraits of a Shelter Dog: After Adoption Edition as Mr. August. All proceeds from the calendar (and other merchandise available) go directly to the benefit of animals,  shelters and rescue services. But, if you really don’t need another calendar, in the wise words of Sharon, If you ​cannot Adopt, foster. If you cannot Foster, volunteer. If you cannot Volunteer, donate. If you cannot Donate, Educate & Network.Everyone can do something to help save a life. YOU can do something.​​ You CAN do something.”


Out of the Cold 
Consider volunteering or donating some bucks and/or socks to Out of the Cold who provide hot meals and a warm, safe place to sleep for homeless persons in Toronto. Twenty-One churches and other public buildings across the city open their doors with doctors, nurses, and foot care on hand.


Project Winter Survival 
Engage and Change provides both Winter and Summer Survival Kits to homeless shelters and social service agencies to distribute directly to those in need. This group believes in fostering good citizenship and encourages healthy communities by giving back. One of their coolest initiatives is asking businesses to work together to contribute their time (products and money too) as a team to help to assemble the kits.



Christie Ossington Neigbourhood Centre and Sistering
These two organizations help men and women of all ages, backgrounds and living situations by providing immediate help,  as well as help to prepare for their future. Support groups, hot meals, workshops and basic health care are provided. Both groups accept monetary donations and used items. At this time of year new socks, hats and mitts are needed most.       


Plan Canada

You can purchase items for those in Third World Countries via Plan Canada this season and all year long. Things as simple as bed netting and baby blankets to bees and goats. You can help to train women as health workers, provide HIV test kits, and give someone their birth certificate. Help those that are not as lucky to live in Canada as we are.


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