Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Folks you Forgot About!

By The FLIPsters

It is less then a week ’til the big day! We know it’s hard to stay on top of your gift list so we have some help for you with last minute gift ideas for those folks you might have forgotten about. We believe in you. You got this.

Roommate’s Boyfriend

If they are good: Your Netflix password.

If they are bad: Drums for yourself.







If they are good: A foot bath.

If they are bad: A mailbox full of bees.  







TTC Driver

If they are good: Heated driving gloves.

If they are bad: There’s nothing you can get them that’s worse than the things that old lady in front of you just yelled at them. 







A&W Construction Workers (that the FLIPsters had to deal with all summer)

If they are good: A&W Gift Card.

If they are bad: A&W Gift Card, half empty.


The team at George’s Deli and BBQ (The FLIPsters favourite lunchtime spot with THE BEST rotisserie chicken and burgers AND gravy)

If they are good: Steady business with a side of fries and gravy.

If they are bad: The Festive Special meal from Swiss Chalet.









Neighbourhood dog walker when you don’t have a dog

If they are good: Lifetime supply of poop bags.

If they are bad: Catnip.












If they are good: A big ol’ tip of cash.

If they are bad: A “BORT” personalized license plate (no matter what their name is).







If they are good: Post dated cheques for the whole year and a new wrench.

If they are bad: Two months notice and not cleaning when you leave.









If they are good: Shovel their driveway.

If they are bad: Gift yourself with a very loud, very yappy, very barky dog.







Mall SantaTwo flasks:
Daytime – Hot chocolate
Nighttime – Canadian Club

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