Did someone say candy?!? With BONUS facts!


June is National Candy Month so in tribute we bring you my candy blog from a few months ago with some bonus facts!



Gummies, lollipops, licorice and other candy are fat free, almost healthy if you exclude all the sugar… WHICH YOU CAN! But, heed this advice, be careful with how much sugar-free candy you eat at one time. Sorbitol, maltitol and mannitol are used as a substitute for sugar but they also make food absorb slower which makes your intestines… blah blah blah you might poop a lot. Like a lot a lot.







They’re gluten free! They’re vegan! They’re my favourite! So many fun facts about ‘em! In the US they’re called Smarties (chocolate Smarties don’t exist there) and according to a scientist I know, they’re a few ingredients away from soap – which in no way diminishes their deliciousness. Finally, surprisingly (?) each colour has a flavour! White is orange/cream, yellow is pineapple, pink is cherry, green is strawberry, purple is grape and orange is orange (it’s also the worst one).

Back to my original sweet post.

Long before I became a FLIPster, I worked at two candy stores and made cotton candy for seven seasons at a baseball stadium. You can say I like my candy.

liisa and candy







Here are some random facts that I’ve learned about it over the years.


British Candy uses natural ingredients to get colourful. They use fruit and vegetable extracts like radish, lemon and red cabbage, rather than using dyes that are found in U.S. candy. Connoisseurs are adamant this changes the taste (it does).

fruit candy








There are many varieties of licorice, but apparently the Dutch eat more than four pounds per year (that’s PER PERSON), so we’ll stick with them, as they obviously know what’s up with ‘drop’ as they call it.

Salty, sweet, honey-ish, coated, there are so many flavours to choose from. My favourite are kokindjes and schoolkrijt. These are also good ones to try if salty candy freaks you out but you want to try something that’s not too sweet.








I don’t like chocolate. Skiiiiiiiiip








Ok, I guess I can’t skip chocolate. Sometimes it blooms! Not like a flower but sort of. Have you ever opened a bar and it looks like there is a fine dust on it that won’t wipe off? That’s bloom. There are two types, fat and sugar, and it’s not harmful. It happens with temperature and moisture changes in the chocolate. You might not like how it tastes, but it won’t hurt you. It’ll look funky and taste super bad before you’ll get sick.

chocolate 2









If you eat too much sour candy you’ll start to sweat. No? Is that just me? That could be just me.

sour candy









There is a portion of the population that hates banana-flavoured candy and almost everyone says it doesn’t taste like REAL bananas. This flavour disparity is said to be because artificial banana was based on the Gros Michel banana that is now extinct. This isn’t entirely true but also not all false. The Gros Michel IS extinct (or at least extremely rare) and it does share the same chemical make-up as the artificial stuff, but the artificial stuff existed before this was officially tested in 1912 . . . this is getting long. Anyway, YAY BANANAS! I’ll do a post dedicated to them one day.

banana candy








Pop Rocks!

You won’t explode if you mix pop with Pop Rocks. The FDA apparently set up a hotline to convince us of that! 1-800-DEATH-POP

pop rocks








Cotton Candy!

Cotton candy is made by mixing candy, heat and air, and because of this, it is not at its fluffiest (best) when made on humid days or if the machine gets too hot. Cool, right?

cotton candy






I read a thing once that said eating lots of candy at one time is actually better for you than eating one piece at a time throughout the day. It had scientific findings like saliva creation, acidity and digestion. I have no idea if that fact is true, but it’s fun to think about! And like Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey says, “Candy – like dancing – brings a little bit of fun to your day.” CANDY EVERY DAY = FUN EVERY DAY!


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