Danielle’s Comedy Festival Bucket List

By Danielle LeSage

In honour of my being on this planet for three decades, I’m flying to California to experience the inaugural Colossal Clusterfest presented by Comedy Central. It’s a mix of comedians I love and have seen many, many times, mixed with comedians, musicians, and events I’ve never seen live before. Needless to say, I’m pretty damn excited.


This is the first time I’ll have travelled more than a couple hours to see a comedy show, so here’s a list of a comedy festivals from around the world on my bucket list in no particular order:

Just For Laughs, Montreal, Canada

I know. It’s kind of insane that I’ve never gone to Montreal for Just for Laugh before. This is probably the most renowned comedy festival in the world, but six years ago, they created JFL42, which meant that they brought the comedy festival to Toronto ME. So, laziness got the best of me and I only travel 30 minutes by transit to the furthest venue, instead of six hours…


Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne, Australia 

I’m going to be honest – this festival looks awesome, but I doubt I’ll ever make the flight for this one. The idea of being on a plane for 24 hours does not appeal to me in the slightest…but the idea of attending the third largest comedy festival in the world does . Also, it was created the year I was born, so maybe that’s a sign, right? Right??

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
, Edinburgh, Scotland 

Let’s put comedy aside for a second on this one. Though most of the festivals involve more than just comedy, the Edinburgh Fringe definitely has my interest piqued being the world’s largest arts festival.


Moontower Comedy Festival, Austin, Texas 

I feel like this one is next on my list, even though it’s the youngest festival here, founded in 2012. Despite their young age, they definitely put together a stellar lineup. This is one of those festivals where I swear they create their lineups based on what’s going on in my brain.

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