This Caterpillar has Graduated and Turned into a Butterfly

By Milusha Copas

I bee-lined through my entire education, 17 straight years of it . Starting with K-12 in Vancouver ✓ done. Pretty much immediately after that I moved across the country to go to the University of Ottawa, but I wanted more than just a degree at the end of it all, so I got myself into an expedited program to get a full uni degree and a college diploma in four and a half years rather than six. University ✓ done. College ✓ done. And now here I am, with my graduation(s) finally happening. Ironically enough, they are both on the same day! … at the same time… typical institutions. That is not to say that I didn’t love my time in post sec or absolutely benefit and learn from it, but it’s nice to know I made it out alive and am still running. This caterpillar has graduated and turned into a butterfly.

The most wonderful coworkers in the world came out singing this morning and surprised  me with a personalized graduation cap and Smarties award (definitely not because it’s my favourite candy but because I’m a smart-y!) They’re just the best!While I may be the youngest of the bunch here at FLIP, they say you never stop learning, so maybe you can learn from the things I’ve already learned! Keep in mind though, these could very well  just be things you learn by way of growing up.

  1. Experiment with your hair. If you’ve been thinking about some kind of style, just go for it, it’s gonna grow back regardless.
  2. Part of life is accounting for things and expenses that fall into the greater abyss. Just budget it in accordingly.
  3. Try hard to do your absolute best. It may not be enough for everything or everyone but it is your best and therefore it is good enough for you.
  4. Pay your bills on time. And if you can’t, communicate that.
  5. Some friends are worth fighting for, some friends aren’t, and some don’t need fighting for.
  6. Be true and honest with yourself, and be proud of it. You don’t need to hide your identity, because you are here and you are queer and it’s valid.
  7. Life is quick and life is busy but stop and take pictures of some flowers, stop and smile at dogs, stop and try to coax the cats to come to you because life isn’t worth rushing through.
  8. Don’t try and stay up for 24 hours straight to try and fix your broken sleep schedule. Also, don’t let it get broken by staying up until 4am every night watching MasterChef Junior.
  9. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. In every way you can, because we need to be conscious of the detrimental impact we have on the environment, and unless you have a way of living on Mars, this planet is all we’ve got.
  10. Throw a bunch of food in some spicy sauce then plate with rice and you’ve got yourself a nice supper.
  11. Do your research and work hard for what you want, but do things the way they work for you.
  12. Protect your eyes. Use blue light filters, sunglasses, and dark mode.
  13. Skin care is important, and it will in fact make your skin feel and look better.

And some things I’m still learning…

  1. Good budgeting
  2. Always brush your teeth and shower often.
  3. Get to a doctor more often than just when something is wrong, despite the hassle.
  4. Don’t get distracted while responding to a text and then have that person think you’re actively ignoring them.
  5. Boiling pasta at a higher temperature for shorter time does not actually cook the pasta quicker, you will be disappointed.

Play me out Kanye!

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