“Came into this world Daddy’s little girl. Daddy made a solider out of me.” – Beyonce


The relationship between a father and daughter is like no other. The ladies of FLIP honour our Dads this Father’s Day.

On Safari in South Africa in 2015, walking with the elephants

My Dad, who died just 19 months ago (still hurts like yesterday), always gave great advice. ALWAYS.  He was the parent that dealt with my teachers and principals when I got in trouble in school. He was also the parent that all my teenage friends would call when they got in trouble in life!  As an adult, he was my go-to for all things business, politics, and world news.  He was generous, wise and a consummate gentlemen. He lived a life worth emulating.  (Yes, both my parents were perfect.) Calvin Sager 1937-2015


My Dad is awesome. He cares about me and my siblings, he tries to do his best for us and has sacrificed so much. He does not give unsolicited advice, but we learn from him whether he intends it or not. Also, I nearly killed him in his own car numerous times and he still takes my calls so that’s nice.



I was very lucky to grow up with a father with a wicked sense of humour. My friends would come over and always remark that my Dad was so “chill and funny.” Having a chill and funny dad was a badge of honour I proudly wore around as a child. Whenever I’d made a joke and someone would laugh and say “Well, you’re certainly you’re father’s daughter!” was pretty much the best compliment I could receive. My Dad showed me that having a good sense of humour could get you through anything…even if I was in trouble with my mom; if I could make her laugh in the middle of getting yelled at, I was home safe! He taught me to not take life too seriously and that laughter is always the best medicine (besides actual medicine, which is definitely the best medicine.)


Cliff D’Lima is the greatest. When I was young my fave dad-thing he did was push us SUPER fast on the merry-go-round. No one in the world ever does that right but him. I think he likes me better now that I’m older and will drink scotch with him. He now loves to preface or conclude his “dad jokes” with a smirk and chuckle declaration “DAD JOKE”. My favourite recent memory was when we attended the Blue Jays playoff game together,  this past October. It was the extra inning game that we won to sweeeeeeep the Texas Rangers for the ALDS title. My Dad was jumping up and down and screaming like I’ve never seen before. Pure joy was what I felt to experience that with him. Love you Dad.

My Dad is hilarious, warm and caring. He’s always been a great teacher whether or not he meant to be. By just having me help him on his many projects he taught me how to tile a floor, install a telephone and wire an electrical outlet. I know how to tie a braid, clean a fish and the value of a penny because of him. Before retiring he was a police officer by trade…who just happened to build his own house. He is good at basically everything including making anyone and everyone laugh. There are many stories of him gently throwing potatoes, microphones and endless glasses of water at unsuspecting friends and family, and using his French accent to tell the best dad jokes “What do you mean you want boat peas and carrots? The boat is at the cottage!”. My Dad is not a man of many words but he’s always there if you need him and there to listen if you need to talk. He also let me drive the backhoe, which is bonus awesome! And don’t worry dad, I remember: Don’t take any wooden nickels.

My Dad is no handyman – the only tools he’s properly equipped me with are culture, languages, and really cool life experiences. One of our favourite long-running jokes is brought up every time either one of us is traveling. Somehow, always spotted is a W.B. Mason truck. To most that would mean absolutely nothing, but I honestly thought there was only ONE of these iconic trucks on the entire planet. Kind of like how little kids believe in Santa, I, at like 16 years old (and up *so lah-may*) believed in the magic of this single truck that could be anywhere and everywhere. So now, every time he sees the truck my dad will take a picture of it to make me smile, and I know that the one, single, magic truck makes him smile too.

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