FLIPSTAR: Sky Gilbert

Full given name: Schuyler Lee Gilbert Jr.

Stage name/nicknames: Sky

Hometown: Norwich, Connecticut.

Favourite thing about the city you live in now:  There aren’t very many condos.

First Broadway show you ever saw: Private Lives with Brian Bedford and Tammy Grimes. It was like being in heaven. The characters were so charming and saying heavenly things to each other even when they were fighting. And Tammy Grimes’…voice.

Your Gay icon: Foucault. I especially like it that he has been vilified since his death. i.e. They are holding his promiscuity against him — even other philosophers are doing this.

Favourite Shakespeare character: Hamlet. I know, seems predictable. Everyone loves Hamlet. But of course I think I should play him; I AM him. Hamlet is effeminate. The most appalling thing I ever saw was Mel Gibson playing Hamlet, not too conflicted, just angry about his Dad. Ugh, Hamlet is struggling with not being a man. (He compares himself to a woman constantly and no one really notices) And then there’s HIS MOTHER. He’s still a boy. Hamlet can’t act. He can only perform. That’s kinda like me.

Dream Vacation: Key West. Sorry. But it would be Key West 30 years ago.

Last great book you read: The Fountain Overflows by Rebecca West; highly underestimated, it is absolutely hilarious and tragic at the same time.

Desert Island CD: Sorry, anything by Donizetti, even the bad stuff.

Performer you would drop everything to see: Bette Milder at the baths 40 years ago (omg I sound so old).

First stage kiss: I was Prince Charming in amateur theatre when I was 19. I still can sing “Ten Minutes Ago.” I must have kissed her. I don’t remember that part.

Artist(s) you want to collaborate with: Lyon Smith. I’m working with him next winter on my next show I Cook, He Does the Dishes at The Theatre Centre.

Sky Gilbert is a playwright, novelist, poet, filmmaker, director, actor, and drag queen.

On stage now until May 14, at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, is Sky’s newest play, It’s All Tru – A play about Aids. “There’s lots of talk about everything but gay men and AIDS. We were the first most publicized victims, we invented safe sex, we saved ourselves and everyone else in North America, it has traumatized us completely, taken away our self esteem, made us associate sex with death. We need psychoanalysis as a group. No one talks about this. I am though, in my play.”

Sky’s latest novel, Sad Old Faggot, published by ECW Press, is a  daring foray into autobiographical fiction.

On October 30, 2014  the laneway behind Buddies was officially named Sky Gilbert Lane in honour of founding Artistic Director, Sky Gilbert.

Check out Sky’s blogspot, Another Blog that Nobody Reads.

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