Full given name: Allison Holly Toffan (married name: Tanchuk – got hitched Sept 9, 2016!)

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Special skills: Burp on command lol

Dance idol(s): The hardest question of my life, I have too many favourites. Those who have passed away: Jimmy Slyde, Eddie Brown, Eleanor Powell, Gregory Hines, John Bubbles. Those still with us: Heather Cornell, Ted Louis Levy, Arthur Duncan, Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards, Michelle Dorrance, Max Pollak, Brenda Bufalino, Danny Nielsen, Lisa La Touche, Savion Glover. Aaaaand there’s more…!

If I wasn’t an Artist, I’d be: A tour guide. It’s my favourite thing to tell people where to go, (lol) to help people with directions, make dinner suggestions, share my favourite spots to check out music, etc.

Worst costume: 16 years old – tutu made out of foam for ballet recital number (we were mushrooms).

Best/Worst on stage mishap: Said tutu listed above fell off, causing me to exit the stage not once, but twice during the number!

Favourite song to tap to: I have three I’m super into right now – Moten Swing (Oscar Peterson), Basin Street Blues (David Brubek), and straight from 1998 – Love Like This (Faith Evans).

Last great book you read: You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

Performer you would drop everything to see: Resurrect Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown and Ella Fitzgerald from the grave in concert together in a small club, and choose any tap dancer from my list above to join them.

Preferred pre-show meal: A salad with lots of protein.

Favourite cereal: I’m not a cereal person!

Who would play you in the movie of your life: Liv Tyler circa 1995.

Worst job you ever had: Dishwashing.

Proudest moment while creating the inaugural Toronto International Tap Dance Festival:  Having the opportunity to properly honour and celebrate these artists – everyone who I am presenting has been integral to my professional development and I’m eternally grateful. I can’t wait to bring everyone together, celebrate outstanding artistry, and say thank you once again for all they’ve given me and continue to give the tap community at large.

Artist you want to collaborate with: Emily King

Dream vacation: Anywhere that has great music, great food, great wine, and the beach – Spain, Italy, Greece.

Three words to describe tap dance: Music. Movement. Emotion.

Allison Toffan is a dance artist, teacher,  choreographer and the Artistic Director of Toffan Rhythm Projects.

The inaugural Toronto International Tap Dance Festival, happening June 2-4, 2017, is a part of Harbourfront Centre’s Next Steps and is co-produced with Toffan Rhythm Projects.

Allison can be found this summer at Montreal Swing Riot, Cultura FestivalToronto Rhythm Initiative Annual Summer Youth Intensive and TRI (Toffan Rhythm Initiative) Annual Show.

Twitter: @AllisonToffan
Facebook: @ToffanRhythmProjects

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