“Anderson Cooper’s eye roll is all of us right now.”

By Desiree D’Lima

I am an eye-roller.

So Anderson Cooper’s now infamous eye-roll at Kellyanne Conway made me cheer. As the CNN headline said “Anderson Cooper’s eye-roll is all of us right now.”

The eye-roll really can be just a reflex, but one that can get you into loads of trouble.

It, of course, started in my teens, as it does with most people, especially teenage girls. It was my expression of contempt and disgust towards others,  mostly adults, at that age. It could have meant I was pissed off, groaning at a joke, or trying to make someone laugh or angry. It could have meant “Fuck off”, “As if” or “Come off it”. The eye-roll is the most expressive of the expressions with the least amount of effort!

My mom would always tell me “Your eyes will get stuck back there.” I only sort of believed her after seeing One Crazy Summer.

The eye-roll is still my signature move, so I am proud to present my Television Eye-Roll Hall of Fame. 🙄

Liz Lemon – 30 Rock

Zack Morris – Saved by the Bell
Lady Mary – Downton Abbey
Stanley Hudson – The Office
The Doctor – Doctor Who
Judge Judy
Homer – The Simpsons
Jessica Fletcher – Murder She Wrote

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